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Thinking Transportation: Engaging Conversations about Transportation Innovations

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Our ability to get from Point A to Point B is something lots of us take for granted. But transporting people and products across town or across the country every day is neither simple nor easy. Join us as we explore the challenges on Thinking Transportation, a podcast about how we get ourselves — and the things we need — from one place to another. Every other week, an expert from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute or other special guest will help us dig deep on a wide range of topics. Find out more:
It Takes a (Big) Village: How a community of transportation pros is making mobility better.November 29, 2022 Episode artwork Border Balancing Act: Finding harmony between commercial efficiency and security demands.November 08, 2022 Episode artwork Sharing the Load on Texas Roads: Are overweight trucks paying their fair share?October 25, 2022 Episode artwork Big and Bright: The view from TxDOT CEO Marc Williams’ chair.October 10, 2022 Episode artwork Drilling for Solutions: A gusher of new data is helping cut crash numbers in Texas’ Permian Basin.September 27, 2022 Episode artwork Under the Influence of Youth: Most teens are eligible to drive at age 16, but are they ready?September 15, 2022 Episode artwork Of Needles and Haystacks: For truck drivers, finding a parking space is tougher than ever.August 30, 2022 Episode artwork All over the Map: Just two car guys talking about transportation.August 16, 2022 Episode artwork Safety in Numbers? As bicycle use grows more popular, crash numbers carry mixed messages.August 02, 2022 Episode artwork On the Ascent: General aviation in Texas is more indispensable than ever.July 19, 2022 Episode artwork Exit This Way: Research informing upgrades in hurricane evacuation planning.July 05, 2022 Episode artwork Building by the Numbers: How economic indicators guide road construction.June 22, 2022 Episode artwork When the Workplace Is Behind the Wheel: Improving occupational safety for truckers (and the rest of us).June 07, 2022 Episode artwork Cars Can Track Our Driving Habits: Who owns that data, and what's being done with it?May 24, 2022 Episode artwork Beyond Skin Deep: The humble roadway is about more than asphalt and concrete.April 26, 2022 Episode artwork When a Crash Is No Accident: Staging roadside collisions to make them more survivable.April 12, 2022 Episode artwork Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? Keeping tabs on self-driving tech.March 29, 2022 Episode artwork Multiple Stakeholders, One Purpose: The vision of “clean transportation” involves much more than electric cars.March 15, 2022 Episode artwork First, Do No Harm: When endangered species habitats lie in a roadway’s path.March 01, 2022 Episode artwork Upsides and Downsides: Transportation and public health share a complicated union.February 15, 2022 Episode artwork Channeling George Jetson: We could have flying cars sooner than we think.February 01, 2022 Episode artwork When Traffic Takes Sick Leave: COVID’s effect on Texas roadways.January 18, 2022 Episode artwork Partners in Purpose: How universities and the Transportation Research Board find solutions together through science and innovation.January 04, 2022 Episode artwork Highway to the Danger Zone: Hazards abound where road work advances.December 14, 2021 Episode artwork Strong as Their Weakest Link: What the pandemic taught us about supply chains.November 30, 2021 Episode artwork